Outreach Services

Minorea concentrates only in outreach initiatives that are aligned with our purpose,
that is of helping disadvantaged businesses grow.
We are now strengthening our focus in searching for large organizations such as public, federal, non-profit, quasi-government and large private corporations that have the same objective of including disadvantaged businesses in their procurement outreach to fulfill their supplier diversity targets. In focusing on these entities an acquiring outreach contracts, we will be able to assist the small, minority, women, veteran owned companies at a small fraction or at no cost to them.
Minorea understands that most corporate and large entities have their supplier diversity representative or department. Our mission is to unite and assist with their goals through the services Monoria provides. With our technology solutions, our communication skills, our point of view in representation of disadvantaged businesses, and our creative strategy planning, we can enhance and add value to their existing efforts.
MINOREA’s Purpose

Our main objective it to help small and disadvantaged businesses grow, help improve the negative statistics these companies have, educate and provide resources that can offer these companies an equal opportunity to grow as other major capitalist companies do, despite it’s ethnicity, education level and/or income level.

Due to this purpose, we are committed to master the services offered, such as outreach, and create a noticeable positive change in entire communities by helping increase prosperity with bringing more job opportunities, help build new industry leaders, and educate entrepreneurs to unleash their potential of serving others while benefiting off our capitalism privilege

MINOREA – Defining “Disadvantaged Businesses”
Minorea focuses only on outreach initiatives that are aligned with our purpose, that is of helping disadvantaged businesses grow. What is considered a disadvantaged business?
Disadvantaged businesses include:
  • Business owners with a personal net worth that does not exceed $1.32 million and a business-size with an average annual gross receipt, not to exceed $23.98 million.
  • 51% minority and/or woman ownership of a business, a minority group member is an individual who is at least 25% Asian, Black, Hispanic, or Native American.
  • 51% veteran-owned company and must have been honorably discharged from service or identified as a service-disabled veteran.
  • 51% of LGBT owned company that controls, manages, operates, and owns.