Challenges Contractors face

The construction industry is a challenging, competitive, yet rewarding industry to play in. In addition to the day to day obligations a regular business faces, such as bookkeeping, HR, insurance, payroll, operations, marketing, sales, and customer service, there are many other factors a construction company needs to take into consideration because of its industry.  It is especially true when a construction company considers venturing into larger projects outside of the typical residential scope of work, such as private commercial, industrial, civil, public works projects, and federal contracts.

Additional factors essential to consider are workforce structure, labor compliance, quality control, safety compliance, estimating evaluation and coordination, project management, bonding requirement, risk mitigation, contracting, business development along with others.

In many situations, contractors fail to grow as they have to juggle all the responsibilities stated above and still be a part of the job completion.  Many started working for a contractor, developed a trade skill, and now see the potential of going off on their own.  This transition will work for a while but, as the demand grows, the need to execute on back-office responsibilities multiplies.  These back-office responsibilities include identifying & evaluating bid opportunities, scheduling, workforce coordination, submitting payroll, complying with all safety procedures, reporting certified payroll according to a project, internal and external communication procedures, branding, quality control, staff training, strategy planning, and execution, report evaluation in measuring outcome according to investment. 

The challenges stated above is what Minorea consulting solves for these contractors. 

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