Envisioning a Different Future

Founder's Story

Loving mother and entrepreneur Andrea Navarrete envisions an equal opportunity world for small and large businesses. 

After starting two businesses, Andrea used her experience and strong work ethic to help develop a multi-million-dollar construction company.

Andrea is a positive symbol to everyone in the Latino community representing that dreams are still possible.

Through Outreach, We Help People Achieve Their Dreams

Just because you own a “small” business – it doesn’t mean your problems, or dreams, are small.  You probably have dreams as wide as the sky, and challenges as tall as mountains. 

Andrea sees this as a critical problem. That’s why she strives to educate small business owners through outreach. 

Outreach is our way of connecting with small business owners we’ve identified who can benefit from our services. We mentor these business owners and help them find the resources they need to succeed. 

Proudly Woman Owned & Operated

The Mission We Wake Up To

To foster the growth of disadvantaged businesses and prepare them for procurement opportunities.

Values We Live By Each Day

Advocates of strategic planning to build capacity and strong relationships with transparency
Masters of bridging communication and education to empower disadvantaged businesses globally

Delivering the tools you need to construct your business foundation and execute your vision.