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AP Business Designs, Understands the Challenges Business Owners Face when there is Lack of Time, Resources, and Reliable Help. Let us help you with the thinking process and the adoption of a powerful CRM to help you with your customer service, follow up, internal department communication, strategic marketing, business development, process automation, system integration, operations & marketing analytics, and much more.

Landing Page
4 Page Website
CRM Setup – 100 Contacts Auto Email Temp
CRM Setup – 250 Contacts, 3 Automation Emails Temp + Designs
Portal Integrations
Social Media Setup

Capability Statement
Power point presentation
Videos less than 2 minutes
Local SEO
Business card design
Past performance metrics
Organizational chart and strategy
Business article/Business content
Email templates
Logo and branding designs

Through the power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, see how your business evolves to a productive, efficient and profitable business. 

We Believe in the Power of Unity, Alignment, Creativity and Knowledge.  AP Business Design Solutions is Ready to hand this down to a Community that Creates Jobs, has a Vision, Drive and is Ready to make a difference, not only in their Organization but Globally.  

Meet the Founder

“Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

“The measure of Intelligence is the ability to change.”

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”                              – Albert Einstein  


Andrea Navarrete, Founder of AP Business Design Solutions, has an Extensive Background of Over 25 years in Business Management, Design & Business Development.  After Owning two businesses and Contributing to the growth a Multi-Million dollar company, Andrea is prepared to fulfill her resolution of helping small businesses embrace the learning process of strategic planning to develop strong foundations of their business and build sustainable growth utilizing creative thinking, technology trends, and catered resources. 

Andrea is dedicated to educate, provide awareness and mentor-ship to businesses through outreach development. 

Her past experience has allowed her to identify the proper tools and organizational structures to deliver a successful outcome off outreach engagements through events, digital platforms, marketing tools, research & development.  

Andrea feels fortunate of personally experiencing the other end, as a struggling small business being in the survival stage. Identifying and understanding small business owner’s challenges, and emotional distress when there is no proper education, access to capital & support to empower it’s growth.

With that said, she has a genuine interest in assisting small and medium-size businesses to scale up. 

For this driven founder and with a Latino background, she has committed to encourage, support and cater to the the Latino community and, in being bilingual, Andrea has a greater advantage to help.

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Creating Momentum is Challenging,
Even More So, To Keep It Going. 
Lets Engage in the Thinking Process to get it done!

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